Spirit Therapy

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Hello, my name is
Nicole Tomassini

Welcome to Spirit Therapy! 

I have formulated Spirit Therapy to help you grow and evolve into the true you. We are all born into a world based on belief systems made from other people’s judgements and opinions. How do you find out who you really are under these conditions? Spirit Therapy is designed to assist you in tapping into your soul’s life force. This is where you can find all the answers to all your questions about what makes you feel happy and fulfilled in your life purpose.  Along this journey of self discovery, you inevitably find parts of yourself you never knew where there.  Strength and a feeling of empowerment in reaching your goals are the result of using the tools of Spirit Therapy.


In a Session

We discuss whatever it is you are focused on achieving or learning more about. This can be tapping into your spirit guidance, unblocking limiting beliefs systems, achieving a new level of self love and care, learning about your Cosmic Fingerprint which is your Astrological Birth Chart, to see what strengths and challenges you were born with and how they can help you feel more balanced and empowered. I can also tap in psychically to answer your questions using both my intuition and spirit guidance as well as Tarot and Oracle cards. This is a good way to see what messages spirit has for you to understand the vibe or “flavor” of your current situation so you can make a good decision for your future.


Who am I and where
does my knowledge come from?

Since about thirteen years old, I have been on a quest to answer the question of how to live a good life.
I started developing my psychic ability through Tarot cards, Runes and Palm Reading while studying Psychology and Education at Goucher College. Since then, I’ve done extensive research into ancient texts, master teachers, quantum psychics, the laws of attraction and meditation. Through all of this, Spirit Therapy was born. I can now navigate any life situation by using the tools I have developed.
I Spirit Therapize myself all the time! This is the gift I share with you. It brings me great joy to help the world love itself, one person at a time. I hope you will join me on the always exciting journey of self discovery to empowerment for living a great life!



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Jennifer Diorio (Lawyer)

Nicole is a master of her craft! In one astrology reading she was able to provide so much insight as to my personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. The information was accurate, useful and eye opening. Through her guidance, I feel more confident in making major decisions about my career and future and reassured by the path that I have been on to date. Nicole is a true spiritual guide and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

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Asa Hoffman (Psychic Energist)

Nicole is a spiritual warrior who gets to the heart of your challenges. She is both authentic and compassionate. With spirit as her guide, she lights the path that leads to healing.

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Ephi Stempler (Writer)

I've been seeing Nicole for almost 25 years now. She has become in many ways a compass for me toward my most authentic self. When I've been most shut down and lost, she has always brought me back to the light. Mind you I tend to lean toward skepticism, especially when it comes to terms like "the light." But what's most miraculous about Nicole is her ability to make everything accessible, even to a 21st century cynic like me. She has this wonderful combination of compassion, honesty, and humor which makes her both salty and sweet, sharp but gentle. Nicole's readings are a combination of astrology and intuition, and she'll always take the time to explain terms like "Pluto Conjunct with Sun" and  "Mercury in Retrograde" so I don't just nod cluelessly. She knows her stuff and has this uncanny gift of making even the most woo-woo explanations both understandable and funny to the average agnostic eye-roller. Another think I love about Nicole: She's not a fortune teller and doesn't talk about destiny or past lives. She's more of a spiritual psychologist, using her intuition and extensive knowledge of both astrology and psychology to help me in all the ways my best friends and shrinks just can't. She'll tell me the truth -- even when I don't always want to hear it -- but she's also always an optimist, seeing the bright side of things, and encouraging me to do the same. I'm so glad she's in my life. Her wisdom, empathy, and no-nonsense demeanor make her someone I will always turn to in my most vulnerable moments. She's a guide, a therapist, a bullshit detector, and a gem of a human being, and I can't recommend her enough.

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Alexis E (AJEMedia.com)

With a baby on the way, I decided to start my own business for the first time. I came to Nicole for guidance and she helped me clearly define my goals both as a parent to-be and an entrepreneur. I highly recommend Nicole‘s spirit therapy sessions to not only offer clarity on career choices but also on your life.

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SK Kelly (Actress)

Spirit Therapy with Nicole is a magical, deep dive into who you really are, what you really do, and how to love and support yourself throughout the whole process while making the changes you want to make for your best self. Nicole is intuitive, wise, no-nonsense, deep, kind, and absolutely hilarious (which is so necessary when you're doing this kind of deep soul work!). I feel like I say WOW so often when we are working because she just guides you toward so many revelations. 

I have loved talking to her both when I feel like things are working, because she gives you tools to build on your strength, and also when a thought or a habit feels outdated or uncomfortable, because Nicole lovingly guides you to examine, unpack and ultimately change what you no longer like. I think of a lot of the work as opening a bag of things you've been carrying around forever but haven't really looked in deeply in a little while (hello big purses!). We're so used to carrying it around that we don't even think about what's in there anymore but a lot of it can be heavy or even useful. Through working with Nicole I've been able to really look at the bag and decide what I want to keep and what I want to discard. There's really no one like Nicole: she looks at the world in a truly unique way, she loves helping others, she is passionate and has an incredible inner-knowing and she has one of the best laughs I've ever heard. I highly recommend working with her and finding your way back to your truest YOU!

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Neil Cortese (Esoteric Healer)

I started with Spirit Therapy as a client and years later I became a practitioner as a Mystic Healer. Yes, even healers need guidance and Spirit Therapy. The goddess Nicole is very unique in her style of work. Using all her years of study and life experience, she 

is always up for a challenge. She brings a heartfelt delivery of wisdom and practical solutions to one's problems. She helps remove blocks that are keeping us from our proven true potential. 

Nicole is honest and quite direct. But always delivers the message with love. A session with Nicole is like a spiritual Magic carpet ride to one's true self. Take a ride with Nicole and discovered lots of goodies about yourself. 

Book a session today and discover hidden paths and doorways. You will be glad you did.

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James M. A Vance (Founder and CEO of JMA Vision)

Visiting with Nicole is nothing short of earthly magic. Her innate ability to tune into your frequency is unparalleled. She sees exactly what is aligning for you in the universe and beyond that, she gives sage and wise advice on how to guide through life's challenges. I've learned we are all here to ascend to our highest selfs, but we need guidance and teachers along the way. Nicole can see your blind spots and will move the mirror so you too can clearly see. Her gifts are not to be taken lightly, but to be cherished and held close to your mind and heart.

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Andrea Klim (Astrologer)

Nicole has been a great guide using techniques she developed through spirit therapy. 

She was encouraging to stay in the light of spirit during times that were very difficult for me. She's been a positive influence, supportive and I resonate with her because she has knowledge of astrology. Being an astrologer myself, it helped me to better relate and be more open to receive her assistance. I'm so thankful for her kindness, understanding and open-heart. Thank you Nicole.