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Hello, my name is
Nicole Tomassini

Welcome to Spirit Therapy! 

I have formulated Spirit Therapy to help you grow and evolve into the true you. We are all born into a world based on belief systems made from other people’s judgements and opinions. How do you find out who you really are under these conditions? Spirit Therapy is designed to assist you in tapping into your soul’s life force. This is where you can find all the answers to all your questions about what makes you feel happy and fulfilled in your life purpose.  Along this journey of self discovery, you inevitably find parts of yourself you never knew where there.  Strength and a feeling of empowerment in reaching your goals are the result of using the tools of Spirit Therapy.

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In a Session

We discuss whatever it is you are focused on achieving or learning more about. This can be tapping into your spirit guidance, unblocking limiting beliefs systems, achieving a new level of self love and care, learning about your Cosmic Fingerprint which is your Astrological Birth Chart, to see what strengths and challenges you were born with and how they can help you feel more balanced and empowered. I can also tap in psychically to answer your questions using both my intuition and spirit guidance as well as Tarot and Oracle cards. This is a good way to see what messages spirit has for you to understand the vibe or “flavor” of your current situation so you can make a good decision for your future.

Home: About

Who am I and where
does my knowledge come from?

Since about thirteen years old, I have been on a quest to answer the question of how to live a good life.
I started developing my psychic ability through Tarot cards, Runes and Palm Reading while studying Psychology and Education at Goucher College. Since then, I’ve done extensive research into ancient texts, master teachers, quantum psychics, the laws of attraction and meditation. Through all of this, Spirit Therapy was born. I can now navigate any life situation by using the tools I have developed.
I Spirit Therapize myself all the time! This is the gift I share with you. It brings me great joy to help the world love itself, one person at a time. I hope you will join me on the always exciting journey of self discovery to empowerment for living a great life!

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